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A letter from Road Knight: 
We don’t want such a potential safety haphazard to happen on the street
We are Road Knight.
We promote to open the car doors safely and make the road safer place.

Shanghai has witnessed huge improvement in transportation,
Yet bringing an rising potential danger for passengers on roads.
The shocking “dooring” problem is not to be ignored.

Maybe, the choice of life and death is just in a moment.
One simple action——
Opening the car door can lead to tragedies.

According to our survey, 
Nine out of ten people 
has nearly hit others when opening the car door.
To our dismay, 
there is NO law or safety measures about the problem.
Cyclists are under huge risk.

17% of bicycle accidents 
are caused by carelessly opening car doors,
Till the end of 2014,
3270 victims have to go to hospitals due to the problem,
348 of whom spent fortnight there
Approximately 600 cyclists are hit by car doors every year.

Such a danger is also on buses. 
This time, the victims are the passengers.

Because the bus doors open inwards, cyclists can recognize and make reactions immediately. What’s more, buses usually drive on separate lanes, reducing the rate of accidents significantly. However, safety issues still exist for some buses with many passengers on board at poorly supervised bus stops. Passengers should be more careful.
To investigate the bus-related problem, the group members paid a visit to Shanghai metro Lianhua Road station.

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